[Mailman-Users] Help me out pls

iouq2 a iouq2a at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 18 10:42:16 CET 2005

well my problem is solved one other problem
i tries to run on broad band dynamic ip and it works ... but i wanna know 
can i run mailman and attach the domain with mailing list on my proxy 
network which have ip like ???? or not
and one another problem which is not concerned with mailing llist but it is 
with mailserver but if u help me out i will be thankfull to u t

that my mailing list not send mail to yahoo.com domain email bcoz yahoo had 
blocked mail from open relay
i know this is the problem in MTA but can u help me out
what can i do with sendmail to fix the problem so then my mailing list can 
send email to yahoo.com email

they say that that open relay ip or mailserver are not welcome on yahoo.com 
plz fix it out

in which file of sendmail i will do it
in /etc/mail/access

i wrote

mail.futureinsite.net       Relay
futureinsite.net             Relay

should i change it ?

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