[Mailman-Users] Almost there, I think

Jim Tittsler jwt at onjapan.net
Sat Feb 19 13:31:01 CET 2005

Ian Truelsen wrote:
> One problem: when I go to the /mailman/admin page I can see a link for
> my mailman test page, but I don't have links to any of the new lists
> that I have set up. However, when I go directly to the
> /mailman/admin/listname page, the admin options are all there.

This may be related to your having the wrong setting for DEFAULT_URL_HOST.

If you aren't taking advantage of Mailman's virtual host feature, set 
VIRTUAL_HOST_OVERVIEW = No in your mm_cfg.py so that it will list all 
public lists in the Mailman installation, not just those of the 
particular (virtual) host.

(But it will probably go away after getting the right host setting, and 
running fix_url.py to repair existing lists.)

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