[Mailman-Users] Major Mailing List Problems

Carl Zwanzig cpz at tuunq.com
Sat Feb 19 20:15:33 CET 2005

In a flurry of recycled electrons, Brad Knowles wrote:
> At 2:23 PM -0500 2005-02-18, Webmaster wrote:
> >                                               I'm not the most computer
> > savvy person in the world, but I know a little, how do I set up your
> > software so this cant happen again, and so that other people (the ones that
> > will be writing the mailings) can send their own mass messages?  Basically,
> > what I'm asking, is how do I set this up so that the two or three people "in
> > charge" of our organization can send mail to the list, easily, and so that
> > any replies or requests to be removed from the list only go to one address?
> 	Go to the Mailman FAQ Wizard and search for "announce" or 
> "one-way".  Follow the instructions there.

Also lookup "reply-to" and "moderator"/"moderated".


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