[Mailman-Users] I just installed Mailman

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Mon Feb 21 01:10:13 CET 2005

Tad Dixon wrote:

>I just installed mailman and I am able to get the site up.
>ie.mydomain/mailman/listinfo. I am continuing with the directions and trying
>to go to mydomain/mailman/create. It says page not found. Are there any

Can you go to mydomain/mailman/admin?

Is there a 'create' wrapper in $prefix/cgi-bin?

If so, is your web server properly configured to run all the cgi-bin

    - Configure your web server to give $prefix/cgi-bin permission to
      run CGI scripts.  You probably need to be root to do this.

      The line you should add might look something like the following
      (with the real absolute directory substituted for $prefix, of

          Exec          /mailman/*      $prefix/cgi-bin/*
          ScriptAlias   /mailman/       $prefix/cgi-bin/

      Consult your web server's documentation for details.

In all the above, $prefix should be replaced with the actual path.

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