[Mailman-Users] Codes

PeteBell macbantam at ntlworld.com
Mon Feb 21 11:32:30 CET 2005


I setting up my email list and am building a website "front-end" for it.

I do NOT have access to mailman as it is a server-wide installation and 
I am only a client. However, my webhost kindly makes a dump of the 
mailman-generated flat data file "config.pck" available to me as an 
hourly cron job. From that, I can parse it using PHP and put all sorts 
of data into a MySQL database.

I have noticed that in the section which deals with members' anonymity 
(hide/show) there are three figure codes appended to the email 
addresses of my members.  I had written my PHP script to recognise that 
the code "280" meant "HIDE" and "264" meant "SHOW". Everything was 
working well until I have just noticed a code appearing which I hadn't 
seen before ("314") which is another code meaning "HIDE" as well. This 
was obviously not being recognised by my PHP code and this member's 
anonymity was being compromised (or it would have been if I had 'gone 
live' and wasn't just at the testing stage).

Can someone please tell me what all the codes are which are available 
in this section and what they all mean so that II can adjust my PHP 

Thanks in advance
Pete Bell, UK

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