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Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Mon Feb 21 11:21:15 CET 2005

At 2:56 AM -0600 2005-02-21, genesis wrote:

>  I want to know how to edit the global archives template. I tried looking
>  at several files but I can't find the main source where these archive
>  HTML pages are generated. I want to be able to run text ads on these
>  archive pages and I'd appreciate any help from this list.

	Assuming you're talking about a mailing list where the primary 
language spoken is English, then look in the 
/usr/local/mailman/templates/en/ directory for files beginning with 
"arch".  When I do that on my Mailman 2.1.5 installation, I see:

		archidxentry.html	archidxhead.html	archliststart.html
		archtocentry.html	archidxfoot.html	archlistend.html
		archtoc.html		archtocnombox.html

	You will need to copy these to an "/en" subdirectory under 
/usr/local/mailman/lists/listname/.  Once copied there, edit the file 
to suit your requirements, and then I think you're going to need to 
stop and restart Mailman in order to get it to pick up the changes.

	If you don't have command-line access to the server where these 
files are stored, you'll have to get your provider to do this for you.

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