[Mailman-Users] debugging via log files

Dr. Jones drjones at vii.com
Mon Feb 21 18:15:22 CET 2005

I read the following two entries from /var/log/exim4/mainlog today:

2005-02-21 08:05:09 1D2W5Z-0004oM-Ue ** test-bounces at fyrenice.com: 
Unrouteable address
2005-02-21 09:05:09 1D3F2y-0006r5-9X Message is frozen
2005-02-21 09:05:09 1D2sZ4-0005sz-Tr Message is frozen

the entry 'test-bounces at fyrenice.com' did not exist in my /etc/aliases. 
I have since removed the 'test' mail list entries from /etc/aliases, and 
ran rmlist Test to purge it.

Am I on the right track in debugging Mailman? Which other log files are 
important to review or to tail, when sending a message?


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