[Mailman-Users] HTML In lists and archives.

Geoff Staples geoff at radioleft.com
Wed Feb 23 17:36:46 CET 2005

I could use some help in getting a mailing list configured properly with
reference to HTML. It's mailman 2.1.5

Here's the issue:

I understand the issue with the different Mime's, etc. So, I have a couple
of questions - Which I hope may provide some solutions for me and others:

1. Am I correct that I cannot send a message in html to the list without
having part of it broken out into attachments unless I do not send a mailman
header or footer to the list?

2. Can I use html in the header and footer and then have html in the body
without it braking out?

3. Is there a way to have Mailman insert header or footer information
directly into the body of an email sent to the list?

4. Does the use of a different archiving system such as the one used for
this list eliminate the html problem - at least with the archives? Or, is
the item already broken out into attachments before it goes to the archiver?

5. Is the only solution to have Mailman convert everything to plain text and
be done with it?


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