[Mailman-Users] Email management

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Feb 24 05:55:21 CET 2005

Sam Bergin wrote:

>	New member, sorry if this has been asked before.  I'm looking to setup 
>Mailman on an OS X Server and pairing it to a full web front-end.  The 
>website is that of an association of some 8000 members, all of whom 
>will need to be automatically subscribed when we cut over to the new 
>system.  (We can add the current members thru the Mailman web 
>interface).  New members will need to choose desired lists during their 
>initial signup, and all members will need to be able to unsubscribe 
>from the website front-end as well.
>So...can Mailman support complete email 
>subscribing/unsubscribing/administration by an administrator on behalf 
>of users?

No. Users can subscribe, unsubscribe and manage their options via
e-mail, but there is essentially no e-mail administration facility.

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