[Mailman-Users] How to transfer Majordomo archive to mailman

Martin Mewes mm at mewes.tv
Mon Feb 28 22:51:33 CET 2005


trishan de Lanerolle <trishanbox at gmail.com> wrote :
> majordomo. We configured it and set it up on new server. My question
> is are there instructions or scripts available to transfer majordomo
> archives and subscription lists over to mailman.

When I did the move from majordomo to mailman I did it manually for each 
list (10).

a) Send a message to the old majordomo-list that during the next minutes 
the mailinglist-software will change and posts to the llist will bounce 
between ... and ... aprox.

b) Stop majordomo (delete the /etc/aliases-entry)

c) Set up and configure the new mailinglist in mailman, 
edit /etc/aliases but set a # in front of the aliases for now.

c) Mass subscribe the majordomo-members in mailman with notifiers to the 

d) Copy the mbox of the majordomo-list to the correct place of the 

e) Rebuilt the HTML-Archive with "arch"
More help is available with arch --help on the commandline.

f) Edit the /etc/aliases and take away the # infront of the 

g) Send a post to the new mailman-list.

Done ...

bis dahin/kind regards

Martin Mewes

Sorry to have missed you but I am at the doctors having my brain
removed so that I may be promoted to management

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