[Mailman-Users] 2 initial config problems (virtual hosts and permissions)

FH fhouston at usa.net
Mon Feb 28 23:19:29 CET 2005

I just started playing around w/ Mailman this morning so I'm VERY new to all
this ;)  The initial config and install seemed to go ok but I have a couple of
questions/problems/issues I'd appreciate some help w/.  I looked around the
FAQ and found info on 1 of them but I can't seem to figure out the right
syntax to fix my problem.

BTW I used the mailman-install.txt file as my guide.  I'm running this on a
Solaris9 machine w/ postfix as the MTA.

1) Error: Unknown virtual host: machine
I was able to create the mailman list via the cli (step 8) w/o any problems. 
When I try creating a list via the web though I get the above error.  I've
played around w/ a few combinations of machine machine.domain.tld etc in the
mm_cfg.py file and the add_virtualhost parameter but I still either get the
error or I get another page which says something about a "bug" in the program
(funny thing is even when I get this page the list is created).  

FWIW as I mentioned the machine is also our mail server, the hostname command
returns MACHINE (in case that's important).  The DNS name (aka it's not a
CNAME) of the machine is MACHINE.DOMAIN.TLD (which is also the
DEFAULT_URL_HOST [set via the configure option]), email though is addressed to
@DOMAIN.TLD (which is also the DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST [set via the configure
option]).  As mentioned the error just says "MACHINE" so I've tried things
like add_defaultdomain ('MACHINE', 'DOMAIN.TLD') but that's when I get the
other "bug" page (apologies I don't have a copy handy but if it's important I
can probably regenerate it).  Also I noticed when I pull up the
http://machine/mailman/admin page at the bottom is says "Send questions and
comments to mailman at MACHINE" that's it not mailman at MACHINE.DOMAIN.TLD.  Is
that somehow related?  What's the appropriate syntax so that MACHINE is an
"acceptable" virtual host.

BTW in case it's related I don't have any virtual hosts set in postfix and
mydestination = $myhostname, localhost.$mydomain, localhost, $mydomain
mydomain = DOMAIN.TLD

2) Looking at the maillog file I'm seeing this error occasionally

Feb 28 16:31:31 MACHINE postfix/postalias[1765]: [ID 947731 mail.crit] fatal:
open /local/home/mailman/data/aliases.dir: Permission denied

Applicable info for this error includes:
MACHINE# ls -al /local/home/mailman/data/
total 44
drwxrwsr-x   2 root     mailman      512 Feb 28 16:38 ./
drwxrwsr-x  20 root     mailman      512 Feb 28 16:02 ../
-rw-r-----   1 root     mailman       41 Feb 28 16:22 adm.pw
-rw-rw----   1 root     mailman     1165 Feb 28 16:38 aliases
-rw-r-----   1 mailman  mailman        0 Feb 28 16:38 aliases.dir
-rw-r-----   1 mailman  mailman     1024 Feb 28 16:38 aliases.pag

At one point I did chown aliases* to mailman but it has since reverted.  When
I originally configured mailman I used the --with-mail-gid=postdrop and I
didn't specify a username (there is obviously a mailman user ;)).  Although
the install.txt file recommended using hash my install of postfix has problems
w/ that so I'm using: 
alias_maps = dbm:/etc/mail/aliases,dbm:/local/home/mailman/data/aliases

All things postfix are running as the user postfix, all things mailman
(qrunner is the only continuous process right?) are running as mailman.  I did
put the postfix "user" in the mailman group (mailman isn't in there though)
thinking that may help but it didn't seem too.  BTW the apache server is
mostly running as nobody, there is one instance that ends up as root.  (The
apache server is brand new too but that install/config seems to have gone ok. 
Eventually though I want to clear up the 1 root instance and integrate SSL in
but I figured it was best to get the above issues worked out first ;))

What are the proper owner/permission settings for these files?

Thanks for the hints/clues/suggestions.

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