[Mailman-Users] Identical list names on milti-virtual-domains host

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Mon Jan 10 17:48:06 CET 2005

Yassen Damyanov wrote:

>On Friday 07 January 2005 19:48, Todd wrote:
>> I submitted some questions to
>> the folks at cPanel asking for the modifications and it took a long
>> while before I finally got a link where the changes were posted:
>>     http://koston.org/mailman-patches/
>> I don't know how current the patch there is, it says it's for 2.1.3,
>> though I know from working with some people that have cPanel installed
>> on their servers that cPanel has mailman 2.1.5 included at this point.
>Thanks a lot, Todd!
>I tried that patch against 2.1.5. It was relatively easy to apply -- all
>lines a subject to change are exactly the same as in 2.1.3 (which does not
>mean that the patch is correct against 2.1.5).
>Unfortunately, it didn't work. No change in the behavior in case of
>identical list names for different domains. Thus I am in a big trouble:
>I was told mailman supports virtual domains so without a second thought
>I migrated tens of domains to a machine running postfix 2.1 / apache2 /
>mailman 2.1.5. Several mailing lists have the same name and differ only
>by domain. Really bad ...
>(BTW, this patch seems not very serious: there are about 5 lines or so
>changed, excluding the crontab files and  the configuration changes.)
>If anyone has any futher idea on this subject -- it will be very much

There is a similar patch (mentioned in FAQ article 4.47) at

You might look at this too in case you haven't already. It also patches
bin/newlist which cPanel may not use.

I haven't looked at this in detail so I'm not sure, but I think your
issue with things not working may be because the patch works by
creating an internal list name which includes the domain. This will
not have been done for existing lists. Thus, you may have to use
bin/withlist to fix things for existing lists after applying the
patch. You may also need to change names in the lists/ and archives/
directory for existing lists.

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