[Mailman-Users] mail host has 2 names

Martin Rheumer martinr at hotkey.net.au
Tue Jan 18 01:12:19 CET 2005

okies 2 posts in 1 day might be a bit much but its all new to me.

My mail list host has 2 names 1 on an intranet and one on the internet.

charlieb on the intranet and marcie on the internet.

When people go to charlied.fred.com they get all the mailing lists
I have set up, but of course when they go to marcie.fred.com there
is nothing there as the host name is different. I have set the
virtual host attribute in mm_cfg.py but I think this has a different
task then what I want..

Is this possible that I can have mailman think marcie and charlieb
are the same machine and list all the mailing lists not dependant
on the host name ?

Thanks again

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