[Mailman-Users] Are the "regexps" used in Mailman really RegularExpressions?

Jeff Groves jgroves at krenim.org
Thu Jan 27 06:01:37 CET 2005

So, would that "never match" scenario be a feature or a bug?

My opinion is that Mailman should do the Python equivalent of a "tolower" to every email 
address (and every regular expression) before applying the regular expressions filter....

Jeff G.

Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Jeff Groves wrote:
>>I'm still experimenting with another issue in 2.1.5, so my hypothesis may be wrong, but it is 
>>kind of looking like the "acceptable aliases" part of the Privacy options in "Recipient 
>>Filters" is case sensitive.  So, if I enter MailingList at foo.org as the address of the list 
>>and I only have mailinglist at foo.org, then Mailman throws a "no implicit address" error.
>>Can anyone refute or confirm this hypothesis?
> Just looking briefly at the code - MailList.HasExplicitDest() - it
> looks like the addresses from the header are all lowercased prior to
> matching against the list address and acceptable_aliases. Thus I would
> expect if the alias is all lower case, any combination of case in the
> To: or Cc: of the message would match, but if the alias is mixed or
> upper case, it would never match.
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