[Mailman-Users] Strange bounce messages - why is it allowedthroughand how do I find out?

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Jan 27 17:14:38 CET 2005

Lars Bungum wrote:

>On Tue, 2005-01-25 at 17:24, Mark Sapiro wrote:
>> >In the mailman/logs/post log file it just says that dummy at not.exist
>> >posted to the list at this or that time.
>> >I'm both bewildered and estranged - what is this?  And how do I find out
>> >why it is allowed to post to the list?
>> Here's a possible scenario:
>> A digest is sent to a subscribed address that is no longer valid.
>> The receiving MTA is broken and sends a "bounce" message to the
>> Reply-To: address of the digest (instead of the envelope sender,
>> Sender: or Errors-To: address) which is the list.
>A related question:
>what are the requirements to such bounce messages so that Mailmans
>automatic (switched on in this case) bounce processing will take them as
>bounces and flag the user, etc? 

The MTA which sends the bounce needs to send it to the listname-bounces
address which is the envelope sender address and also in Sender: and
Errors-To: headers in the outgoing message.

A "broken" MTA will sometimes send to the From: or Reply-To: instead.
Normally this will go to the poster, but in the case of a digest (or
if Reply-To: has been munged), this will go to the list.

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