[Mailman-Users] Uppercase list name

simeli simeli at gmx.net
Mon Jan 31 12:20:51 CET 2005


I am running mailman on a default mac os x 10.3 server installation with
mailman version 2.1.2. i am a complete newbie, so any help is greatly

i created a list named dai-news. now when i post a message, it reads To:
Dai News in the email client. is there a way i could force mailman to
keep this in lowercase?

also, we have an internal network that the xserve runs on. so let's say
it's named server.int. now if i want people from outside to be able to
access the listserver, they would need a different domain to be
mentionned in the post, say office.company.com/mailman/blabla... i
changed this in /usr/share/mailman/Mailman/mm_cfg.py but it seems that
mailman is not taking over the changes? any suggestions?

if i would like to limit mailman to serve only email requests, can i turn
off the web service, or at least the announcement thereof in the messages
alltogether? if people couldn't see those <http://xserve.int/mailman/
confirm/my-news/91bb646ab36a95c34f5190e9c09a8cc7e0b4938d> that would
already help a great deal...



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