[Mailman-Users] Mailman Virtual Domains - Multiple Installs

Michael Reck [Netdiscounter GmbH] mreck at netdiscounter.de
Fri Jul 1 13:01:57 CEST 2005

mailman-users-bounces+mreck=netdiscounter.de at python.org wrote:
> Am Donnerstag 30 Juni 2005 15:59 schrieb Michael Reck [Netdiscounter
> GmbH]:
>> Hi List,
>> is there be any how-to for a multiple installs mm server.
>> I need listnames which are same for multiple domains.
>> I decided to give every costumer a lists.domain.tld entry with MX
>> Record. The first Installation runs like hell but the following
>> with another Hostname fails.
> Why use multiple installs?

The webinterface simply works without any modifikations,
and the displayed listnames are correct.

> The problem i have with this patch is that you have to create the
> virtual-table for postfix yourself, the 'POSTFIX_STYLE_VIRTUAL_DOMAIS'
> functionality in the mm_cfg.py is not included in this patch. I am
> editing
> the file manually but it should not be impossible to add it to the
> patch.

Ok, that would be the same situation i`m already being in.
I will do it this way if i couldn`t find any solution to automaticaly
modify the alias/virtual-mm:

multiple Install and reformating of the alias + virtual-mm
file via a cron job. If a new list is added the suffix -domain will
be added to alias and virtual-mailman. See Example to understand what i

The test was successful and mailman still thinks its a single namespace.
The webinterface works without any mods.
I don`t know much about python. Were could I patch the alias generator
to include the domainname.


info:             "|/home/mydomain/mail/mailman post info"
would become
info-mydomain:             "|/home/mydomain/mail/mailman post info"

and virtual-mailman:

info at lists.mydomain.com              info
would become
info at lists.mydomain.com              info-mydomain


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