[Mailman-Users] Multiple subscription requests and reminders

Bruno Ferreira morphine at digitalmente.net
Sun Jul 3 18:11:03 CEST 2005

Mark Sapiro wrote:

>Bruno Ferreira wrote:
>>   After a bit more investigation at the MTA side, I managed to find 
>>out that Mailman processes the subscribe requests alone twice. 
>>Subscribing through the web interface makes Mailman process the request 
>>once.  However, sending a mail without proper commands to 
>>mailinglist-request at domain throws ONE error e-mail back, as it should 
>>be. So there's this situation:
>>   - Subscription through web interface: OK
>>   - Subscription through e-mail: 2 subscriptions processed
>>   - Other mail to mailinglist-request at domain: OK
>>   Where do you suggest I start looking now?
>Look at the actual subscription request e-mail (Bcc: yourself to get a
>copy). Look for anything strange like two From: headers or e-mail
>address appearing twice in From: header.
    I've done some more checking, it seems that there wasn't a problem 
at all (or at least, Mailman is not processing requests twice). Your 
suggestion made sense... Said e-mails had "subscribe" both in the 
subject line and in the body, causing two subscription requests to be 
processed :((((
    Despite this being much of a case "all this trouble for nothing", 
having Mailman process the same request twice for the same e-mail 
doesn't make much sense (I'd count it as a bug, really). Thanks to 
everyone for their input on the "problem" :)

    -- Bruno Ferreira

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