[Mailman-Users] Moderator can't post, vette log entry instead

John Hicks johnlist at gulfbridge.net
Mon Jul 11 22:08:47 CEST 2005

I have a new set of lists for a non-profit group running on a fresh
install of RHEL 4.1 (Mailman 2.1.5 running with Postfix 2.1.5 [sic]).

All seems to be working fine now with the minor exception that the list
moderator (who runs the group) cannot post to the lists!! Instead, an
entry is made to the vette log.

He has a hotmail account. He is subscribed as a regular member to the
lists. The only difference in his setup (that I can find) is that I have
unchecked his moderation flag (i.e. everyone is moderated but him).

When he posts to our announcement list, I can see his message arrive on
the postfix log:

Jul 10 17:35:43 tiger postfix/smtpd[18286]: connect from
Jul 10 17:35:43 tiger postfix/smtpd[18286]: E30C9D01D5:
Jul 10 17:35:44 tiger postfix/cleanup[18289]: E30C9D01D5:
message-id=<BAY106-F659B81F751416AF302431B3DD0 at phx.gbl>
Jul 10 17:35:44 tiger postfix/qmgr[19608]: E30C9D01D5:
from=<ModeratorsPersonalEmail at hotmail.com>, size=3823, nrcpt=1 (queue
Jul 10 17:35:44 tiger postfix/smtpd[18286]: disconnect from

Then the virtual domain name trnaslation takes place and the post
wrapper is run:

Jul 10 17:35:44 tiger postfix/local[18290]: E30C9D01D5:
to=<lmr-announce at tiger.gulfbridge.net>,
orig_to=<lmr-announce at louisvillemediareform.org>, relay=local
, delay=1, status=sent (delivered to command:
/usr/lib/mailman/mail/mailman post lmr-announce)
Jul 10 17:35:44 tiger postfix/qmgr[19608]: E30C9D01D5: removed

But the message doesn't get posted. Instead it shows up on the mailman
vette log:

Jul 10 17:35:45 2005 (21500) Message discarded, msgid:
<BAY106-F659B81F751416AF302431B3DD0 at phx.gbl>

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

Any suggestions on how to debug this?


John Hicks

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