[Mailman-Users] Scheduled Administrative Option

Glenn Sieb ges+lists at wingfoot.org
Wed Jul 13 19:35:00 CEST 2005

Carl Zwanzig said:
> In a flurry of recycled electrons, Tokio Kikuchi wrote:
>> Remember that current structure of mailman is not good at arbitrary
>> scheduling.  You may have to run a scheduling script every hour or so.
> Seems like this already exists with qrunner. [knowing nothing about the
> internals..] If a message is 'scehduled' toss it into a different
> dierctory.
> At the same time, drop in a small file containing the time to send (a
> separate file should be lower overhead to open, and should have very
> little data.)
> Periodically check all these time-to-send files. Ought to be fairly
> trivial
> to impliment the sending portion. Don't know about the web pages, though.

Wouldn't this be similiar in spirit to a "monthly reminder" email?

(Set per-list, like some other list management software has--so moderators
can send out, automagically, list-rules, etc. Right now, mailman doesn't
have that feature.)
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