[Mailman-Users] Large Mailing list

Albert AZ. Zuniga azuniga at kimberlycredit.com
Fri Jul 15 17:19:22 CEST 2005



I am running mailman-2.1.5-10.on FC2 2.6.10-1.771 using an older
PowerEdge 500Sc server. Specs: pIII 512mb ram. I have a few small list
and one large one (approx 65,000 subscribers) This is an announce only
list. It worked ok for the first week or so but now it seems like it is
really hitting the performance of the machine. I have had to reboot
several time to get my posts to work. My problem now is every time I try
to login to this particular list through the admin pages it times out. I
can access the smaller list with no problem.


Mailman config:


Apache - webserver

Postfix - mta


Thanks in advance 

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