[Mailman-Users] Public link to subscriber-only list?

Brad Knowles brad at python.org
Mon Jul 18 16:09:11 CEST 2005

At 2:18 PM +0200 2005-07-18, Jean Delvare wrote:

>  1* Make the list public (possibly by making non-member posts moderated
>  rather than rejected).

	We tried that.  The moderators couldn't keep up with all the 
spam, plus all the legitimate moderated posts.  There's just too much 
traffic on the list.

>  2* Make the link point to the list subscription page [2] rather than the
>  list address itself, as subscribing is the first thing that needs be
>  done here. This might add to confusion more than help though.

	We might consider that.  We'll talk it over between the webmaster 
and postmaster/mailing list personnel.

>  3* Remove the link altogether, as proposals 1 and 2 don't sound really
>  good.

	#2 is a better option.

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