[Mailman-Users] cgi add seems not to work any more

DaffyDuke daffyduke at lautre.net
Wed Jul 20 10:09:40 CEST 2005

Hello, I'm sorry to try again here but my previous post has been moderated. Sorry for my poor English.

First, I am Olivier Duquesne, an adminsitrator of L'Autre Net web
hosting service. We are using mailman (2.1.5-5.backport) on Debian
Woody. I'm sorry to post here but I did not find any answer in the faq
neither at http://www.mail-archive.com/mailman-users@python.org/ .

As we encountered lots of problems with our loadbalanced architecture
and mailman, we have now a proxypass from emma to elsa. emma and elsa
are the pretty name of our servers :-)

Now, the last issue is very blocking, we can not add members from the
cgi manually.

Some tests with my account (it's general to the site server) : when adding from 

http://daffyduke.lautre.net/cgi-bin/mailman/admin/ag-staff/members/add?adminpw=XXXXXX&subscribees=daffyduke%40altern.org => OK

* ./add_members -r /tmp/daffy ag-staff => OK

* from http://daffyduke.lautre.net/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/ag-staff =>

* from
=> KO

with this error from the user : 
Bug in Mailman version 2.1.5
We're sorry, we hit a bug!
Please inform the webmaster for this site of this problem. Printing of
traceback and other system information has been explicitly inhibited,
but the webmaster can find this information in the Mailman error logs.

Nota : subscribing email are going well to the subscriber, but he is not
a list member .

Here is our trackback : 

admin(21183): [----- Python Information -----]
admin(21183): sys.version     =   2.2.1 (#1, Feb  3 2005, 06:16:31)
[GCC 2.95.4 20011002 (Debian prerelease)]
admin(21183): sys.executable  =   /usr/bin/python2.2
admin(21183): sys.prefix      =   /usr
admin(21183): sys.exec_prefix =   /usr
admin(21183): sys.path        =   /usr
admin(21183): sys.platform    =   linux2
admin(21183): [----- Environment Variables -----]
admin(21183):   HTTP_ACCEPT: text/xml,application/xml,application/xhtml
admin(21183):   HTTP_X_FORWARDED_SERVER: emma.lautre.net

=> emma is the http primary host , it ProxyPass to elsa.

admin(21183):   HTTP_REFERER:
admin(21183):   HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE:
admin(21183):   PYTHONPATH: /var/lib/mailman
admin(21183):   SCRIPT_FILENAME: /var/alternc/cgi-bin/mailman/admin
admin(21183):   SERVER_ADMIN: root at elsa.lautre.net

=> ok, elsa is working

admin(21183):   SCRIPT_NAME: /cgi-bin/mailman/admin
admin(21183):   SERVER_SIGNATURE:
admin(21183):   REQUEST_METHOD: POST
admin(21183):   HTTP_HOST: elsa.lautre.net
admin(21183):   PATH_INFO: /ag-staff/members/add
admin(21183):   SERVER_PROTOCOL: HTTP/1.1
admin(21183):   QUERY_STRING:
PATH_TRANSLATED: /var/alternc/dns/l/elsa.lautre.net/ag-staff/members/add

=> Ugh ? Is it used by the cgi, it can not exist !

admin(21183):   SERVER_SOFTWARE: Apache
admin(21183):   REQUEST_URI: /cgi-bin/mailman/admin/ag-staff/members/add
admin(21183):   CONTENT_LENGTH: 1037
admin(21183):   HTTP_ACCEPT_CHARSET: ISO-8859-1,utf-8;q=0.7,*;q=0.7
admin(21183):   HTTP_USER_AGENT: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; fr;
rv:1.7.9) Gecko/20050716 Firefox/1.0.5 (Debian package 1.0.5-1)
admin(21183):   HTTP_CONNECTION: close
admin(21183):   HTTP_COOKIE: ag-staff
admin(21183):   SERVER_NAME: elsa.lautre.net
admin(21183):   REMOTE_ADDR:

=> are this variables checked ? IP is emma, not elsa !

admin(21183):   HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR:

=> my IP, for test

admin(21183):   REMOTE_PORT: 35489
admin(21183):   HTTP_X_FORWARDED_HOST: daffyduke.lautre.net
admin(21183):   SERVER_PORT: 80
admin(21183):   UNIQUE_ID: QtzYeVBDoEMAAFKDAIw
admin(21183):   CONTENT_TYPE: multipart/form-data;
admin(21183):   GATEWAY_INTERFACE: CGI/1.1
admin(21183):   REMOTE_HOST: emma.lautre.net
admin(21183):   HTTP_ACCEPT_ENCODING: gzip,deflate
admin(21183):   SERVER_ADDR:
admin(21183):   DOCUMENT_ROOT: /var/alternc/bureau

It's fun, but removal from the same interface is working.
No problem with configuration modification, archiving, or any.


DaffyDuke/Home  [ jabber: daffy at alternc.net | iCQ: 7504537 ]
C.L.X. : http://clx.anet.fr/  |  L'Autre Net : http://lautre.net/
         La Passerelle : http://www.legrandmix.com/

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