[Mailman-Users] Mailman not sending - Solved(?)

bronto at csd-bes.net bronto at csd-bes.net
Fri Jul 22 20:27:38 CEST 2005

Thanks for your corrections and tips.

I made the changes, and it still didn't work.  I read the thread you 
referenced, and verified that my permissions and users were correct.

I then went back to look at my dns and machine settings, and found that 
my host name had reverted back to the machine name, not the full name I 
changed to it to previously that "fixed" the problem.  So it wasn't 
that it was working for just one list and not others, it was that the 
fix that I previously made reverted before I tested other mailing 
lists.  When I changed it back again, all the files in the retry queue 
flushed and I got a bunch of messages delivered on serveral lists.

I'm running SuSE 9.2; maybe there's a process running somewhere that is 
doing this.  I know there are processes that keep permissions and other 
settings in sync.  If this reverts again, I think the logical solution 
would be to find where SuSE is deciding what hostname to use and change 
it, or to change mm-cfg to match the hostname that SuSE wants to use.


Quoting Mark Sapiro <msapiro at value.net>:

> bronto at csd-bes.net wrote:
>> Well, I *thought* I had it fixed, but not.  It worked for the domain
>> that actually matches the machine name, but not for the virtual domain
>> I just tested.  The list address is something like "group at sbypc.org",
>> and my mm-cfg.py is as follows:
> See comments below, although virtual hosts shouldn't have anything to
> do with this issue.
>> ##################################################
>> # Put YOUR site-specific settings below this line.
>> DEFAULT_URL_PATTERN = 'http://%s/mailman/'
>> DEFAULT_NNTP_HOST = 'amd64.csd-bes.net'
>> DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST = 'amd64.csd-bes.net'
>> DEFAULT_URL_HOST = 'amd64.csd-bes.net'
>> MTA = 'Postfix'
>> POSTFIX_ALIAS_CMD = '/usr/sbin/postalias'
>> POSTFIX_MAP_CMD = '/usr/sbin/postmap'
>> ['amd64.csd-bes.net','mail.csd-bes.net','lists.csd-bes.net','sbypc.org','eagles81.org','ez-realty.net','maccounting.net','re-techtalk.com','hoopscout.com']
>> SMTPHOST = 'localhost'
> It is best to add
> here to remove the entry from Defaults.py although this usually isn't
> strictly necessary.
>> add_virtualhost('amd64.csd-bes.net', 'amd64.csd-bes.net')
> The line above essentially duplicates the one above it and is redundant.
>> add_virtualhost('mail.csd-bes.net', 'amd64.csd-bes.net')
>> add_virtualhost('lists.csd-bes.net', 'amd64.csd-bes.net')
>> add_virtualhost('sbypc.org', 'amd64.csd-bes.net')
> It seems from your reference to group at sbypc.org that this should
> probably be
> add_virtualhost('sbypc.org', 'sbypc.org')
> and maybe similarly for all the others.
>> add_virtualhost('eagles81.org', 'amd64.csd-bes.net')
>> add_virtualhost('ez-realty.net', 'amd64.csd-bes.net')
>> add_virtualhost('maccounting.net', 'amd64.csd-bes.net')
>> add_virtualhost('re-techtalk.com', 'amd64.csd-bes.net')
>> add_virtualhost('hoopscout.com', 'amd64.csd-bes.net')
> Also, the Mailman.Archiver.Archiver.GetBaseArchiveURL() method inverts
> the VIRTUAL_HOSTS dictionary to get the URL host name corresponding to
> a particular email host. This doesn't work well if there are entries
> with duplicate email host values.
>> IMAGE_LOGOS = '/mailmanicons/'
>> The error message is the same as below.  Since the add virtualhost item
>> above sets that to amd64.csd-bes.net, and amd64.csd-bes.net is the name
>> of the machine in the dns settings, that should take care of it, right?
>>  But it doesn't.
> The VIRTUAL_HOSTS dictionary is not involved in this at all.
> See http://mail.python.org/pipermail/mailman-users/2005-May/044742.html
> for a Python script that does exactly what SMTPDirect does to send
> mail.
> Also see thread starting at
> http://mail.python.org/pipermail/mailman-users/2005-June/045157.html
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