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Thanks Mark. I found the entry at: 

However, it is here and there on the internet in what are probably mirrors
or copies of the Mailman FAQ. I imagine that it was posted at once point,
and then later the correct version was published. 

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. 

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Cogley, Rick wrote:
>In the Mailman FAQ it mentions being able to personalize the footers if 
>some settings for VERP are made in mm_cfg.py, but does not go into much 
>detail about how to do the required changes.
>Q. Can I put the user's address in the footer that Mailman adds to each 
>A. Yes, in Mailman 2.1. The site admin needs to enable personalization 
>by setting the following variables in the mm_cfg.py file:
>Once this is done, list admins can enable personalization for regular 
>delivery members (digest deliveries can't be personalized currently). A 
>personalized list can include the user's address in the footer.

Where in the FAQ did you find the above? I don't see it, and more
importantly, it is not correct.

The relevant FAQ article is 3.15 at

>I would like to add the original sender's email address to the footer 
>section, copying that section from Defaults.py to mm_cfg.py, and then 
>adding some string (conceptually). What string do I need to add to get the

Once you have set OWNERS_CAN_ENABLE_PERSONALIZATION per the above FAQ 3.15,
the personalize help on the Non-digest options page will tell you what
additional substitutions are available in list headers and footers.

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