[Mailman-Users] Help

LinK lin_kot at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 23 04:37:18 CEST 2005

I would like to know how to get started ... I searched
FAQ and tried to get a grasp at list.org but here I am
...  I don't get the Python thing ... I understand it
is a programming language but certainly I don't have
to learn Python to install Mailman, right?  And then
when I go to download SNU Mailman version 2.1.6 there
are three downloads: Mailman 2.1.6 (show only this
release) Download mailman 2.1.6.tgz and Download
mailman 2.1.6.tgz.asc !! So, what should I download
... and then what do I do? 
You're help will be greatly appreciated and as you
see, I need a good deal of getting started help ... I
am able to follow directions but I don't see anything
that really spells it out clearly for me.

Do I upload this to my cgi bin ... am I hopeless :)
Thanks, Linda

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