[Mailman-Users] Query list for dynamic mailings (sub lists)?

Vince Van De Coevering vpv at figaros.com
Mon Jul 25 18:23:30 CEST 2005

I've been asked to upgrade the mailing portion of the companies e-deals web
site.  The current method of sending mail is primitive at best and requires
a lot of maintenance to keep bounces to a minimum.  I am impressed with
mailman and its ability to manage most of these functions. 

What I need to be able to do is to send mail to all customers, those
customers who sign up for a particular store and to send email to customers
on (or near) their birthday.  Obviously, I would need to extend the data
tables to contain those pieces of information (store ID and birth date).  

>From reading the FAQs and the Mailman web site I believe the best approach
would be to create a mailing list for each store and an umbrella list which
covers all stores.  I probably could support the birth date requirement by
creating a 3 tier list: birth date; store (umbrella of jan-dec birth date
lists); global (Umbrella of store lists). 

My preference would be to create a single list and to perform some sort of
query when the mail is sent to create a dynamic sub list (by store, by birth
date, by store & birth date, etc.) of members.  

Has anyone done or seen a modification to do this?

Vince Van De Coevering
IT Manager
Figaro's Italian Pizza, Inc.
503-371-9318 x216
vpv at figaros.com

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