[Mailman-Users] Digest Sending Questions

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Jul 28 16:21:03 CEST 2005

Brad Knowles  wrote:

>At 7:03 AM -0500 2005-07-28, David Scribner wrote:
>>                       On my current LetterRipPro list server I have
>>  the Digests for the lists that have a digest option to send for each
>>  list at a different time, actually about a half an hour apart just to
>>  lessen the amount of out-going traffic when the Digests get sent.  Is
>>  it possible to do that same with Mailman?
>	Nope.  Except for digests that are sent when the size threshold 
>is reached, all digests are sent at the same time -- when the 
>"senddigests" cron job is run for that day.

The default crontab runs 'senddigests' daily at noon. 'sendigests'
sends a digest for all lists that have accumulated any posts. There is
a '-l listname' option to send the digest if any for only the listname
list. Thus, you could set up multiple crontab entries to run
'senddigests -l list1', 'senddigests -l list2', etc. at different
times, but this would be quite a maintenance headache.

Alternatively, instead of having cron run senddigests, you could have
cron run a script of some kind every half hour or whatever and the
script could read a file of listnames and times and run 'senddigests
-l listname' for those lists that had times within that half hour.

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