[Mailman-Users] Is this a mailman or postfix error?

roy vinner roypivn at indiana.edu
Fri Jul 29 01:32:39 CEST 2005

Mark Sapiro wrote:

> roy vinner 
>>Mark Sapiro wrote:
>>>Running this from the command line is not necessarily a valid test. The
>>>wrapper (/usr/local/mailman/mail/mailman) exects to be run by the MTA
>>>with the group that was configured by ./configure. This is almost
>>>always not the 'mailman' group. See
>>I see. So, would setting -mail-gid=postfix instead of mailman be a 
>>reasonable solution to the problem? Does this setting change whether or 
>>not postfix runs chrooted or not?
> It would be a solution IF postfix executes the pipe to the wrapper as
> group 'postfix'. As far as I know, this group can be configured in
> postfix, but I don't know the exact method. I also don't know how this
> is affected by running postfix chrooted.

Okay, let's leave postfix alone :-)

> The thing that must be true is that whatever group postfix uses to
> execute the pipe to the wrapper must be the same as the
> --with-mail-gid= setting given to configure.

I originally compiled it with -mail-gid=mailmal (the first value in the 
default list).

> The same is true of the group that the web server uses to execute the
> cgi-bin wrappers and the --with-cgi-gid= given to configure.

I created a group www -- which included apache, mailman, and myself -- 
and set -cgi-gid=www.
The apache would not run the mailman/create, as it was complaining that 
it could not run as www (even though apache was included in wwww). So I 
set -cgi-gid=mailman and set user and group in apache to mailman. I 
don't know what was wrong there, but it looks like I am having a similar 
issue here.

> See http://www.list.org/mailman-install/node7.html

I remember that web page. I re-ran configure several times by now. Do I 
also need to run make and make install after that to make changes 
persist in /usr/local/mailman? I haven't done that, 'cause I am afraid 
that the changes that I made to various files would be overwritten.

Please, let me know what the reality on this is. I am quite happy to 
have mail-gid=mailman and cgi-gid=apache, if I could make it work that way.

Thank you for your support!

Best regards,
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