[Mailman-Users] Stripping an Attachment?

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Jul 29 16:57:30 CEST 2005

Larry Rosenman wrote:

>On Jul 29 2005, Mark Sapiro wrote:
>> Larry Rosenman wrote:
>> >We have a list set up with a 4000K size limit, and just the bad Microsoft
>> >Extensions in the list
>> >Of bad ones, not including the .DOC extension this user used.
>> >
>> >Why would mailman strip the .DOC?
>> Content filtering does not strip based on filename extension. It strips
>> based on mime content type. Just because a file is named *.doc doesn't
>> mean a sender's MUA gives it a content type of application/msword when
>> attaching it to a mail message.
>> Also, see Brad's suggestion in another reply that you might be
>> scrubbing attachments from regular deliveries.
>That option is NOT set....
>> > I have a PDF of the contentfilter page, but this list won't let me post 
>> > it, I can send to anyone that Want/needs to see it.
>> Why not just copy and paste the contents of the filter_mime_types and
>> pass_mime_types boxes into a text post?
>the mime types boxes are all empty....

Is content filtering even on? and if so, why if there is nothing in

What is the list of bad extensions you refer to? Are you using
header_filter_rules to catch posts with 'bad' attachments? If so, this
should only result in application of the action to the entire post,
not stripping of sub parts. Likewise max_message_size.

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