[Mailman-Users] (re-post) smtp failures, please help

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Jun 1 17:03:07 CEST 2005

Ricardo Kleemann wrote:
>I've been using mailman for quite some time and it has always seemed to work
>without problems.
>But I'm having trouble with messages being sent to the list owner
>(administrator) for a moderated list. The error I see in the log is
>SMTP session failure: 517, Syntax error. msgid: <...>
>So for example I have a list called "ricardo1", and it is configured as
>moderated. When I send an email to the list, it is forwarded on to the list
>In mailman's logs, I see:
>---- smtp log ------
>Jun 01 07:02:56 2005 (22702)
><mailman.484.1117634575.22700.ricardo1 at lists.americasnet.com> smtp for 1
>recips, completed in 0.154 seconds
>Jun 01 07:03:15 2005 (22702)
><mailman.484.1117634575.22700.ricardo1 at lists.americasnet.com> smtp for 2
>recips, completed in 16.207 seconds
>---- smtp-failure log ----
>Jun 01 07:03:06 2005 (22702) SMTP session failure: 517, Syntax error.,
>msgid: <mailman.484.1117634575.22700.ricardo1 at lists.americasnet.com>
>Jun 01 07:03:15 2005 (22702) SMTP session failure: 517, Syntax error.,
>msgid: <mailman.484.1117634575.22700.ricardo1 at lists.americasnet.com>
>I also tested this by sending a message directly to the list owner
>(ricardo1-owner at lists.americasnet.com)
>and I get the exact same error...

Is it only the one list, or is it all moderated lists?

If only the one, I suspect some issue with the
ricardo1-owner at lists.americasnet.com alias in courier?

What happens to -owner mail for other, non-moderated lists?

>The list is configured with the owner/administrator as my own email,
>ricardo at americasnet.com
>Is there a way I can manually run the mailman program with debug to try and
>see what's going on in the smtp session ?

See http://mail.python.org/pipermail/mailman-users/2005-May/044742.html
for a way to replicate Mailman's sending of mail. Try using

rcpts = ['ricardo1-owner at lists.americasnet.com']

in the script in that post, but I doubt you'll get much more
information than you already get.

You might be able to use some sort of packet sniffer to see the actual
SMTP interaction between Mailman and courier. If it comes to that.

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