[Mailman-Users] (re-post) smtp failures, please help

Ricardo Kleemann ricardo at americasnet.com
Thu Jun 2 16:47:24 CEST 2005

Hi Mark,

One thing that confuses me, is that I sent email to
ricardo1-owner at lists.americasnet.com but as you see the smtp transaction
used mailman-bounces (so it didn't use the listname, 'ricardo1')

> I'm guessing the specific error is the localhost part, not the -bounces
> part since virtually all mail from mailman has an envelope sender of
> some listname-bounces at some.domain. In this case the listname is
> 'mailman', i.e. the site list.

> Go to the admin pages (General Options) for the mailman list and you'll
> probably see host_name is localhost. Change it there and I think
> you'll be OK.

But unfortunately that's not the case... The config for the list has
'lists.americasnet.com' for the hostname

> You could also run
> bin/withlist -l -r fixurl mailman
> Assuming your Defaults.py/mm_cfg.py values for DEFAULT_URL_HOST and
> mm_cfg.DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST are 'good'.

What should DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST be? I have it as localhost because I thought
this is the host mailman uses to _connect_ to the email server, therefore
it's set to localhost.


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