[Mailman-Users] Messages not delivered

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Jun 3 18:32:26 CEST 2005

Robert Haack wrote:

>I've been doing some testing and here is what I've found in addition to
>what's below:
>I sent a message to 6 lists titled test, testtwo, test3, test_4, test_5, 
>and test_6.  On a consistent basis it appears that only 4 of these lists 
>get the message.  If I look at my postfix log I see that the message was 
>processed successfully yet when I look in the mailman/qfiles/in 
>directory I only see the message come through to 4 of the 6 lists (I 
>know this partly because the message get stuck in the que).  It's not 
>the same 4 lists each time that the message comes through to either and 
>there are no messages in any of the other directories under qfiles/.  I 
>see nothing in the Mailman log files that indicates any error.  It's 
>almost like postfix hands the message off to Mailman and then things go 

Does the postfix log show that the message was piped to the wrapper for
all 6 lists (i.e. six deliveries)?

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