[Mailman-Users] Send Mail delay

smeg Smeg at ostat.com
Thu Jun 9 01:22:26 CEST 2005

    I have recently set up mailman (2.1.5p2) and am very impressed with it.
    I have a question though, is it possible to have it delay the 
sending of the messages?
    If  send to many emails in period x through my mail server it locks 
me out for about 1 hour. If i could specify a time delay between each 
message, this would fix the problem.
    What i find is my mail server will only allow about 100 emails 
/hour. My list has about 80 people on it, so if 2 messages are sent in 
in one hour i have a problem.

    Thanks for any help u can give on this issue.

Cheers Chris

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