[Mailman-Users] Mails are not deliver for one mailing-list

Julien Francoz CoCoZ julien at francoz.net
Thu Jun 9 19:25:40 CEST 2005

I have another problem on one mailing-list. It was working fine, but 
since 2 days, all mails to list departement-linux at minux.esi-supinfo.com 
are not deliver. All others mailing lists are working fine.

Here are the logs of mailman for this list

post:Jun 09 12:07:49 2005 (23711) post to departement-linux from 
julien.francoz at supinfo.com, size=6134, 
message-id=<42A81532.6060503 at supinfo.com>, success

smtp:Jun 09 12:07:49 2005 (23711) <42A81532.6060503 at supinfo.com> smtp 
for 40 recips, completed in 2.202 seconds

There is no error in postfix logs.

Have you got an idea ?

(it's the mailman package on MacosX server)

Julien Francoz CoCoZ

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