[Mailman-Users] 2.1.5 fedora core 3 prevent mailbody problem

Andy Heath cycling at axelrod.plus.com
Tue Jun 14 10:50:18 CEST 2005

Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Andy Heath wrote:
>>so how does "subject:.*[SPAM}.*" (admitredly meaning s or p etc) trigger 
>>the behaviour but "subject.*spam" not trigger it ?
> Because on the second and subsequent passes through it is looking at
> the subject of the notice to the owner which contains 's', 'p', 'a'
> and 'm' but not 'spam'. I.e. it is looking at
> Subject: %(listname)s post from %(sender)s requires approval
> with the appropriate substitutions for %(listname)s and %(sender)s.

ok I got it now.  And in fact redefining OWNER_PIPELINE would
not be the best approach - knowing that the RE is applied
to both messages and getting it right is the way to go.
( so I want subject.*\[SPAM\].* ).

I did log a feature request for the other issue.

Thanks for all your help Mark.

If someone could do an ls -R or ls -lR (if there are links)
of a 2.1.5 mailman directory  and post it it would help figure
out where fedora puts all the pieces (I'll build a list of
links from it so it looks like a normal mailman directory and
I can work with it more easily).

OFF-TOPIC below:

Standards compliance (fedora) is one thing (I work in standards)
but when everyone already has a fine standard (put it in the
mailman user directory) and the community has no plans
to change that then i find it very silly to just throw
that away (when people in a community don't have a standard
practice and need pulling together then imposing one is good
but the mailman community already have a very good de facto
standard that its barmy to change without getting the
community on board).  I'd prefer to stick with normal
mailman practice.   In fact I considered not using
the fedora package and building mailman by hand as I used
to do.

I approve of standards for where to put things but communities
have to be brought along, standards can't be dictated.

Next machine I build won't be fedora - not knowing
where things are feels like working with MS.


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