[Mailman-Users] No admin/moderator emails being sent

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Jun 15 01:39:40 CEST 2005

Kris Vassallo wrote:

>I am experiencing a problem where the moderators and/or the list admins
>are not getting notifications regarding things like mail being held and
>I am wondering what I am doing wrong.  
>admin_immed_notify is
>set to yes and I have also tweaked the file that sends out reminders at
>8 am to send out reminders every 5 minutes and then restarted the
>mailman service.

The cron checkdbs job is not involved in sending the admin_immed_notify
messages, although it should send a "xx approvals waiting" type of
message each time it is run (if xx is not zero).

>I see nothing that seems to be showing a problem in the
>mailman logs and in the vette log I can see things such as 
>"Jun 14 15:43:40 2005 (21062) Announce post from xxxxxxxx at yahoo.com
>held, message-id=<20050614224339.72272.qmail at web5
>0803.mail.yahoo.com>: Post by non-member to a members-only list"
>Does anyone know what could be going on here? 

All these notices are sent first to the listname-owner address and then
when received by mailman at that address, they are resent to the
actual  owners and moderators. Something is going wrong with this
process. Most likely, the alias for the listname-owner address has
something wrong with it.

Try sending a message directly to the listname-owner address and see
what happens to it. Look in Mailman's bounce log and smtp-failure log
(if any) and/or the MTA logs.

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