[Mailman-Users] aliases assistant

John Dennis jdennis at redhat.com
Wed Jun 15 17:33:36 CEST 2005

On Wed, 2005-06-15 at 08:13 -0700, Mark Sapiro wrote:
> >> RuntimeError: command failed: /usr/bin/sudo /usr/local/sbin/mailman.aliases 
> >> /usr/local/mailman/data/aliases (status: 1, Operation not permitted)
> seems to say that the commands in /usr/local/sbin/mailman.aliases, the
> first of which is presumably
> /bin/cp /usr/local/mailman/data/aliases /etc/mailman.aliases
> are being executed and it is this first command which fails, but since
> this is executed via sudo as root, why would it be 'not permitted'?

I agree with Mark, it could permission problems either with the script
or with the commands the script executes.

I sometimes get fooled by the misconception "root can do anything" too,
but in fact it can't, permissions are still checked. The most common
example of this is a file whose permissions are granted only to a
non-root owner. Root is denied in this case. However root can su to that
owner and then perform the operation.

Also, the complete absence of execute permission is not something root
can compensate for.
John Dennis <jdennis at redhat.com>

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