[Mailman-Users] how can I forward messages without having it appearas an attachment?

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Jun 16 16:48:40 CEST 2005

rfried wrote:
>I moderate a list and want to forward a message from within 'pending
>to another address that is another email list that we run.
>I have found out that the posting text went out as an attachment, with
>body of the actual email text-less. Also the From: did not state the
>original sender of the posting but as 'mylistname-bounces'.
>So does anyone know if it's possible with a posting forwarded from
>one list to another to have it
>a) sent not as an attachment but with the text in the body of the email
>b) contain a From: header with the sender's address and not a '-bounces'

You can't do this directly from the admindb (pending requests) page.

How easy it is to do depends on the capabilities of your MUA (e-mail
client). First, you need a copy of the original message (only) which
can be extracted from the immediate notification to the moderator
(you) if you get immediate notifications, or extracted from the
message as forwarded to you (instead of the other list) from the
admindb interface, or if you are going to approve the message for the
original list, it can be the post you receive from the original list
after approval.

Then you need to 'redirect', 'resend' or 'bounce' that message to the
target list, and in this process or by pre-editing change the To:
address from the old list to the new so the message doesn't get held
for implicit destination, and maybe strip any subject prefix from the

Some MUAs make this very easy and some make it impossible. At worst,
you can edit the message with a text editor and send it to the new
list with the sendmail command or equivalent if you have access to

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