[Mailman-Users] Red Hat FHS packaging

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Fri Jun 17 03:43:20 CEST 2005

At 10:25 AM +0100 2005-06-15, Andy Heath wrote:

>  Its customary when you interact with a community to learn
>  their language not expect them to learn yours.
>  What you suggest doesn't satisfy the requirement
>  I stated.

	If you're a RedHat user, then talking about SRPMs is precisely 
the right sort of thing for RedHat to do.  From what I can gather, 
you chose the OS first, then the application.  That would imply that 
you want to run RedHat in general, and that other applications could 
equally meet your needs.

	This doesn't do much for non-RedHat users, but then if you're 
going to be running RedHat, you need to learn how RedHat works.

	If you had chosen the application first and then come asked us, 
we could have given you some feedback on what OSes are well-known to 
work with Mailman, including the ones previously and currently in use 
at python.org, etc....

	You might still have chosen RedHat after that discussion, but you 
would hopefully have understood the problem a bit better, and had a 
better idea of where you need to go looking.

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