[Mailman-Users] Red Hat FHS packaging STOP

Andy Heath cycling at axelrod.plus.com
Fri Jun 17 12:20:46 CEST 2005

Other users have requested this conversation stop
or move offline.  Some persons did mail
me offline in the same vein and I responded
essentially to say I could see no point
in continuing "I'm right, you are wrong"

Please stop this conversation.  That I differ from
the perspective below is not a reason to try
and harrass by continuing a pointless conversation.

Stop.  Enough is enough.


> At 10:25 AM +0100 2005-06-15, Andy Heath wrote:
>>  Its customary when you interact with a community to learn
>>  their language not expect them to learn yours.
>>  What you suggest doesn't satisfy the requirement
>>  I stated.
>     If you're a RedHat user, then talking about SRPMs is precisely the 
> right sort of thing for RedHat to do.  From what I can gather, you chose 
> the OS first, then the application.  That would imply that you want to 
> run RedHat in general, and that other applications could equally meet 
> your needs.
>     This doesn't do much for non-RedHat users, but then if you're going 
> to be running RedHat, you need to learn how RedHat works.
>     If you had chosen the application first and then come asked us, we 
> could have given you some feedback on what OSes are well-known to work 
> with Mailman, including the ones previously and currently in use at 
> python.org, etc....
>     You might still have chosen RedHat after that discussion, but you 
> would hopefully have understood the problem a bit better, and had a 
> better idea of where you need to go looking.

Andy Heath
a.k.heath at shu.ac.uk

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