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Peter Seebach seebs at plethora.net
Thu Jun 23 05:25:11 CEST 2005

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Howdy, all!

I have a mysterious mailman migration muddle.

Platform:  NetBSD 2.0.2, with Mailman 2.1.6.
Lists:  Several lists imported from an old Linux box.

Symptoms:  Lists are Not Seen.  Messages sent to mailman aliases (e.g.,
list-subscribe@) are delivered, according to sendmail.  Nothing Happens.  No
log messages anywhere I can find.  No errors.  No bounce.

Admin.cgi doesn't see the lists.

I verify that, yes, I have a list named "mailman".  "newlist mailman" says it 
already exists.

In desperation, I delete that list and rerun newlist mailman.  Now that one
list shows up.  No others do.

Here's the neat part.  I run dbdump on the config.pck files from the old and
new copies of that directory.

*** /tmp/t      Wed Jun 22 22:11:01 2005
--- /tmp/u      Wed Jun 22 22:11:19 2005
*** 2,15 ****
  <----- start object 1 ----->
  {   'accept_these_nonmembers': [],
      'acceptable_aliases': '\n',
!     'admin_immed_notify': True,
      'admin_member_chunksize': 30,
!     'admin_notify_mchanges': False,
      'admin_responses': {},
!     'administrivia': True,
!     'advertised': True,
!     'anonymous_list': False,
!     'archive': True,
      'archive_private': 0,
      'archive_volume_frequency': 1,
      'autorespond_admin': 0,
--- 2,15 ----
  <----- start object 1 ----->
  {   'accept_these_nonmembers': [],
      'acceptable_aliases': '\n',
!     'admin_immed_notify': 1,
      'admin_member_chunksize': 30,
!     'admin_notify_mchanges': 0,
      'admin_responses': {},
!     'administrivia': 1,
!     'advertised': 1,
!     'anonymous_list': 0,
!     'archive': 1,

See anything suspicious here?

I am wondering whether the "True" vs. "1" distinction could be what is causing
this to fail.

If it is... How do I fix it?  I do not want to delete the lists and start
over, because they have people on them.

I regret to admit that I have at most twenty milliclues about Python in
general, and mailman in particular.  (That said, I am already starting to
think that, if I can figure out how mailman works, I may want to start
migrating things to it from majordomo, because it's prettier.)


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