[Mailman-Users] Subscribe not functioning

rdembski at sbcglobal.net rdembski at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jun 28 07:59:24 CEST 2005

--- Mark Sapiro <msapiro at value.net> wrote:

> rdembski at sbcglobal.net wrote:
> >External subscribing is not working thru either the
> >web interface or the list-subscribe at hostname.org
> >method.  There is no confirmation message being
> >sent...  I can subscribe locally thru email, can
> >manually add addresses thru the admin interface,
> and
> >can even send/receive list mail from any
> >already-subscribed address with no problem.
> Can an external user post successfully?

-- Yes, anyone already subscribed to the list can
post.  I've had to add all outside addresses manually
through the administration pages.
> If an internal user can successfully subscribe by
> e-mail, but an
> external user can't, I think it must be an Exim
> configuration issue.

-- When testing it out, I don't receive an
"undeliverable"-type reply, so the message is being
delivered.  There's just no confirmation response at
all...  I'm looking into upgrading Exim to 4 with SSL.
 Perhaps that may make a difference, as it appears 3.x
is not very well supported...?
> Can internal users subscribe via the web and
> external users not? I
> can't offhand understand what might cause this.

-- Web subscribing does not work at all.  No
confirmation email is delivered, nor is an
administrative accept request issued when I tried that

> >I've looked thru the FAQ, the FAQ wizard, searched
> >this lists' archives the best I can, and still
> cannot
> >find anything similar enough to suggest a
> problem/fix.
> >
> >I'm using Mailman 2.1.6rc4, Exim 3 on Debian
> GNU/Linux
> >3.
> Have you looked at
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