[Mailman-Users] Multiple subscription requests and reminders

Bruno Ferreira morphine at digitalmente.net
Tue Jun 28 19:25:22 CEST 2005

Mark Sapiro wrote:

>The question is why is Mailman processing the request 4 times. Is it a
>bug in mailman or does mailman actually receive 4 requests?
>Does the request arrive via the web interface (subscribe form on the
>listinfo page) or via e-mail. If from the web, what do the web servers
>logs say about how many 'post' transactions were processed? If via
>mail, what do the incoming MTA logs say about how many messages were
>piped to the wrapper?

    After a bit more investigation at the MTA side, I managed to find 
out that Mailman processes the subscribe requests alone twice. 
Subscribing through the web interface makes Mailman process the request 
once.  However, sending a mail without proper commands to 
mailinglist-request at domain throws ONE error e-mail back, as it should 
be. So there's this situation:

    - Subscription through web interface: OK
    - Subscription through e-mail: 2 subscriptions processed
    - Other mail to mailinglist-request at domain: OK

    Where do you suggest I start looking now?

    -- Bruno Ferreira
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