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Peter Seebach seebs at plethora.net
Tue Jun 28 21:07:13 CEST 2005

In message <PC1740200506281158130765eaa63bca at msapiro>, Mark Sapiro writes:
>If you could let us know what searches you tried that didn't return the
>article or how we could better describe what the article addresses, we
>can try to update the FAQ to do better next time.

Good point!

The issue here is that the FAQ describes what to do, and even mentions "old
lists", but doesn't mention the symptoms.  As a person whose mailman
installation is failing, the only thing I have access to is symptoms.  It
would be good to have cross-references to this in the troubleshooting stuff;
for instance, in the same place where you talk about database conversion
(which I found) or the importance of creating an umbrella list (which I

I had no information that would have led me to suspect that "URLs" were part
of my problem.  I didn't know that a list had a URL encoded in it or anything
like that.  What I knew was that I had lists which looked correct, but which
didn't show up on the admin.cgi page.  And, also, where test messages to those
lists produced no response at all, not even a mention in the log file.

Those are the kinds of symptoms I was looking at, and I knew enough to look
around at the symptoms, but that FAQ entry, while describing what one needs
to do, doesn't mention any symptoms... So there's no likelihood of a match.

I would think the right sort of thing would be a checklist of "things that
can make a list not work", and have "wrong URL encoded in list (common when
migrating lists)" on it.  :)


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