[Mailman-Users] extract non-address information fromsubscriber list?

Christopher Adams chris.a.adams at state.or.us
Tue Mar 1 21:09:12 CET 2005

I am only talking about the information included with the address. I 
guess it is only names, but I see that some list owners have entered 
other information using the "whatever information"<email at wherever.com> 
format. I just need to get the addresses and information, most likely 
names, connected with the addresses. I have tried the list_member 
script, the subscriber list from the list information page and the list 
from the membership management page. The only place the other 
information shows up is in the Membership Management/Membership List page.

Brad Knowles wrote:

> At 11:00 AM -0800 2005-03-01, Christopher Adams wrote:
>>  Is there a way to extract all the non-address information from a
>>  subscriber list? Where is that information stored? I am speaking of any
>>  name, contact, phone information that was added in addition to the email
>>  address.
>     Mailman stores an optional name, along with the e-mail address, but 
> nothing more.  If you've entered anything more, then you would appear to 
> have a customized version of Mailman and you would need to contact the 
> person(s) who provided/applied that patched version.

Christopher Adams
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Oregon State Library
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