[Mailman-Users] Configuring mailman

Jim Tittsler jwt at onjapan.net
Thu Mar 3 09:52:39 CET 2005

On Mar 3, 2005, at 16:56, Don wrote:

> Instead of using all the original default settings, I'd like to
> customize.  Is there an (easy) way to be able to modify the defaults to
> spare myself the 'recreating / repeating of generating identical
> settings' the way I like them, and thus the time investment?

Look through the many settings and their documentation in 
~mailman/Mailman/Defaults.py.  Copy the variables you are interested in 
customizing to your mm_cfg.py file and modify them there to override 
the "defaults" so they are the values you desire for a "standard" list 
in your installation.

You can further fine tune list configurations by using 
~mailman/bin/config_list to help you "clone" settings from one list to 
another.  (Run '~mailman/bin/config_list --help' to see how you can use 
the -o switch to write out a text configuration that can be edited and 
then read in to another list with the -i switch.)

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