[Mailman-Users] The unsubscribe users are STILL receiving the mailing list password reminders messages

Wang, Mary Y mary.y.wang at boeing.com
Wed Mar 2 17:37:51 CET 2005

I'm using mailman-2.0.6-1 on a Redhat 7.2 box.  Recently, few ex-mailing
list subscribers complained about that they have already unsubscribe
those mailing lists, but yet they still received the monthly password
reminder email message.  
I know I'm using an older version of mailman, and I don't have time to
install the later version.  How do I remove those users from the monthly
password reminder email message broadcast.  Also why does the
unsubscribe logic IS NOT affecting the password reminder logic in
Thanks in advance
Mary Wang

Mary Y. Wang 
Software Engineer 
Phantom Works - Strategic Development & Analysis 
Huntington Beach, CA 
The Boeing Company 


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