[Mailman-Users] FAQ 5.6 Cannot Find/Receive Bounce Messages

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Thu Mar 3 22:05:14 CET 2005

At 3:31 PM -0500 2005-03-03, Pantejo, Barbara                FTL wrote:

>  There didn't seem to be an answer, posted with Mailman FAQ 5.6 (see below).

	Questions should not be asked in the FAQ.  I have deleted this entry.

>  I am having the same problem...I have bounce processing turned on, but I'm
>  not getting any bounce back message back to me (the list administrator when
>  I send to a non-existent/invalid email. What do I need to do to get bounce
>  messages sent to the list administrator?

	Mailman has a bounce processing system.  It will try to 
automatically handle all bounces, and anything it can't handle will 
be sent to the list owner.

	So far as I know, there's no way to turn off the bounce 
processing system, or even effectively disable it.  But you should 

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