[Mailman-Users] moderation request - zombies

gerhard oettl gerhard.oettl.ml at oesoft.at
Thu Mar 3 23:45:11 CET 2005


since 16.02.2005 i get a daily moderation request with

Subject: 11 LISTNAME moderator request(s) waiting

with from / subject / reasion

even if i handled all requests in the web-interface and the
webpage for pending requests is empty.

only postings from non-member-posters are moderated.

in the meantime there were handled more than 20 real moderation
requests, but the mail about those 11 mails is still remaining.

if a additional moderation request happens the counter does not
show 12 moderation requests, but there were two mails:
one mail with the new moderation request and 
another with the 11 moderation requests zombies.

i stoped / started mailman in the meantime and tried the "manual
method" from the faq 3.38 - the zombie-mail still remains.  
print  m.NumRequestsPending()
shows the correct number (mainly 0)

a diff with another lists/xxx/request.pck shows no difference.

any ideas?

: :'  :    gerhard oettl
`. `'`         on
  `-    Debian/Gnu Linux

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